About Us



Aiming at realizing a sustainable society, our laboratory has been conducting a study to achieve a design of innovative mechanical structure system. While design of machine is a plan to give shape and structure to materials, manufacturing is a measure to embody it. In other words, design and manufacturing is understood as a technology to utilize materials. To realize efficient design and processing of advanced materials, a cutting-edge simulation technology is essential, where innovation of mechanical science is required.

When pursuing the rationality of design, not only the external shape but also the internal substructure will take an organic form, possibly becoming more biological as a whole. For the realization of an innovative design, a multiple approach is required to deeply explore the essence of the target, which may seems to decompose the target into the atomic level. As a first step, we are working on constructing a design methodology that integrates materials (texture, characteristics, process), microstructure (hierarchy, periodicity, inhomogeneity), and macroscopic level (product design, performance, and forming). We study all of the above subjects, and aim to achieve a comprehensive design methodology based on original ideas.